About Your Tee

When you wear your fresh new tee, and are asked about what it is or what Humanitee is all about, here is a run down!



Humanitee is a label which works with young people from marginalised communities to design T-shirts that tell their stories, and get the messages that they want heard across to the world. 

Your tee was designed by a student from Adelaide Secondary School for English, who is a part of the Adelaide refugee or asylum seeker community. We had a great time in the design workshops, and learned about how design can communicate a value or tell a story. Each tee has its own artist and its own story behind it, which you can watch in the Stories page.

The tees were sold through a crowdfunding campaign, which raised $13,055!


The funds raised from you buying your tee will go into funding the Australian Refugee Association's Youth Art Programs for 2020 - an impactful program which has had 213 young people in attendance this 2019.

Rarely do we get to hear the stories of young people from the refugee and asylum seeker community. Instead, the media paints a broad and wildly inaccurate picture of them, removing their identity.

Our mission is to see this reality change, by not only listening to their stories, but wearing them on our sleeve and celebrating them.

By buying your tee, you have helped us in achieving this mission! So we want to say a HUGE thank you, for spreading empathy with Humanitee.

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